Tuesday, April 1, 2014


IT MAY BE APRIL FOOLS DAY BUT I DON'T WANT TO SAIL ON THIS SHIP I'd RATHER SWIM AND TAKE MY CHANCES WITH THE SHARKS THAN THE CROOKED CORRUPT, LYING uptight, short sighted, narrow minded, hypocrites aka the people & politicians WE FOOLISHY ...ELECT EVERY ELECTION DAY - and do it over and over again and then say WTF? now tell me who are the real fools? we're still F'...ing peasants as far as I can see. add it up -

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Why are The KinKs my favorite band of all time and Ray Davies my favorite songwriter off all time?

Why are the KinKs my all time favorite band and Why is Ray Davies my all time favorite songwriter? What seperates the Kinks & Ray Davies from all the rest and makes them & and  him not like everybody or anybody else for that matter?? It is that if you took all the music and instrumentation off most of their songs they still would mean more to me than any other band or artist that ever existed! The definition of the greatest songwriter that there ever was or is is the one who writes songs that only become more important and relevant over time than the day they were when he wrote them and there is only one man who fits that bill Raymond Douglas Davies.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

the soul of a KinKs fan...

To the all the critics, here's my answer to and defense of The Kinks and Dave and  Ray! I keep reading all the critics and even some fans reviews of the the box sets Ray and ; Dave solo shows, ect..  the kinks their history & legacy from all their different eras throughout their career,  to me it's all a bunch of rubbish! To some it may be just that "jukebox music" (a nice sound, and it's got a beat and you can dance to it) but to the fans of Ray, Dave and the kinks who identify with the music and lyrics it is a whole lot more. It's a way of life and looking at life and how you feel about everything and I mean everything. If Ray, Dave  and the KinKs speak to your soul, it really doesn't even matter, what it is,or when it came out or was recorded, be it 1963, 73, 83, 93, 2003, or 2017? does it...? If I were on a desert Island and could have only one song to play and listen to over and over again for eternity I'd pick my least favorite kinks or Ray song over my favorite song from anybody else, I can't explain it but if I had to you wouldn't understand anyway. Sure the box set if I were putting it together would have had some different stuff on it than it does, but everything is relative so I can always say yeah that's not as good as something else, or as that era, but when it comes to Ray, Dave and the kinks to me it is all great and it is all good, even the stuff I have never heard or he & Dave has not even written yet? They can do no wrong to me. Only a very select of few other artists even come close to talking or touching the part of my soul and spirit that Ray, Dave and There Kinks have (and still does) on a consistent basis through out every stage of his career, and Ray does it 100% of the time. FranK I remain Dan the Fan and the Mahwah Hillbilly Boy!